Mysteries of The Universe and The Secrets of Life, solved!!
"Vic's Esoterica".
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Introduction:  I found out the true answers to the major mysteries of the universe, and to the secrets of living. By hard study over 73 years. I wish to share my finds with the world.

I have written hundreds of articles upon scores of subjects. If you want more details or need to contact me you can do so on the following email address.

1. READER: If you cannot access any article or articles, e mail me with the reference number/s you want.

2. When accessing my files read chronologically backwards. The latest are up-dated. But earlier ones contain more details.

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Readers interested in Astronomy, are urged to read my articles A1058,1059,106l,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1070,1071,1072 and 1073. Read them in reverse chronological order. That is, start with A1073, and work backwards.
     It is about the proof and confirmation of my EXACT ASTRONOMICAL DISTANCE FINDER.  Easily the biggest scientific discovery ever! When accepted will alter the course of history, and change the world(for the better). Yes! It IS THAT good!! My best find.
     Complex and hard to follow, but WELL worth the effort!!
     The difficulty lies in putting into words so new and revolutionary a find. Even when put as simply as I can!!
     I understand it WELL. But EXPLAINING it is so difficult.
     Read the quasar article first, to get the simplest portrayal!  A909.
     The later articles are the more accurate. But the older articles provide more detail. When going back remember that though more detailed, there is less accuracy!! So stay with the latest picture, but using the older detail!!