Tuesday, 16th November,  2,010.


What's happening??

        It is most important you realize what is happening.

        It is hard to know where to begin.

        Nor do I know where we finish exactly.

       I know A BIT.  I shall try to put it to you - as best I can.

      1.  The sun is DE-STABILIZING.(As it approaches the nearest point to the stellar chain. Along which a powerful electric current flows.)(Due to reach it December 21st, 2,012.  So things rapidly acceleratingly worsen until then, when Earth inverts OR falls upon its side. Causing the destruction of nearly all life forms upon the surface of this planet, and some other planets.)

     This is, basically, what is causing our current worsening problems, weather and affairs. Everything.  (NOT the LIE of Man caused global warming!!)

      2.   An off-shoot of this is the creation of a force field at the surface of The Earth. Which is sending masses of electrons,etc. through the brains of humans and animals, creating brain stroms - which are making them much more bad and mad than they usually are.

            This is also the cause of the growing heat.(Though the sun itself is causing excessive heat and excessive cold to occur. Even alternate.)

       2,012.A.D. only marks the beginning of Doom. Which then proceeds for some years. Finishing up with an Ice Age - which lasts hundreds of years.

       Then a new local creation begins, one of a long series.

       3.    At the same time we have a small second sun with its solar system, planets, moons,etc. NOW merging with our solar system.  Sun Antoine and retinue.

            The Nibiru Complex.

           But, according to Zecheria Sitchin,  Nibiru is not due until 2,078.A.D.

      4.   So what we have are TWO colossal cataclysms occurring very close together.

      Each of which will almost certainly wipe out all life upon Earth's surface. And that of some other planets, including Antoine's planets(some of),etc.

     This is a once in ALL TIME event.

     The worst EVER(future included) to hit Man,etc. upon this Earth!!

     5.  The Great Northern Solstice LINE UP of Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre Rift occurs 21.12.12,too.(British notation.)(December 12th.)

     6.   The 5,000 year current Mayan,etc. calendar also ends then.

    7.     In fact EVERYTHING ends and begins anew THEN.

    8.     As we close in upon The Terrible Day of The Lord.  And The Great Tribulation.(Vide Revelation of Christian Bible(last book) for archaic details.

            What I am doing is spelling out in modern terms what is coming.(Which happened before, many times.)(And will no doubt happen again - many times. So do warn(by time capsule) those of the future of the ending of the new 6,500 year, 3,600(3,580, I think.)year and 5,000 year Mayan cycles!!)

    9.      Expect an increasing number of bizarre events to occur.  Like floating off the ground.  And dead loved ones materializing in front of you.

    Also the dead leaving their graves and walking about.

   PLUS  a number of HUGE changes. Starting up NOW!!  Many, in fact.

      10.     Increasingly turbulent times HAVE BEGUN.

      In ALL departments of life.

     Including the economic and financial!!!!

      I am trying to tell you all the root causes.

      11.  Probaby, SOME will survive.

      Ways of escape: a.  Down The North(or South, but North easier) GEOGRAPHICAL pole.(Which is 4 to 5 HUNDRED miles FURTHER ON than the claimed poles!!)

      b.  Aliens will evacuate many. To their mother craft(cigars) circling above.  A few to other planets.(Until Earth recovers. Which it probably will - eventually.)

     c.   A FEW MAY survive in deep underground structures.

     And inside mountains.

     And caves.

     But this is VERY uncertain.

     You are most strongly advised to get WITHIN EARTH(Which is NOT underground!  Earth is a Reverse Helix!!), via The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!   ASAP!!

       7.   Increasingly powerful benign influences coming up from centre of galaxy.

       8.   However, Nature and man humans RE-ACT badly to these growing benign influences.

       And cause VERY MUCH trouble!!(Note NOT the influences THEMSELVES.  But Nature AND many humans - who will not be able to bear it!!)

        c.   Do NOT commit suicide. NOR use Euthansia.  This is SELF MURDER, MURDER NONETHELESS!!!!(And carries a VERY high penalty!! So don't do it.)(What you flee from by suicide WILL STILL AWAIT YOU IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!)

              The Spirit World is a finer, better, more beautiful world than this physical one. But!!

              It has many planes.  And you will go TO YOUR PLACE!!

              Which we all create right now by our actions!!(Omissions, words,too.)

              If the good that you do outweighs the bad, then you will go to a high plane BEYOND.

              If the evil that you do exceeds the good, then you will go DOWN to a low plane!!(And though the religious Hell is not true, things are still UNPLEASANT, and so hard to get out of!!)

              HELL is real. It exists!!

              So committing suicide is NOT the answer. You take your old self and conditions WITH YOU!!

              Made MUCH worse - by SELF MURDER!!

             Just DON'T do it!!

            NOR assist another to do it!!

           Mere ENTRY into The Spirit World does not mean you will be all right. It is THE MANNER of entry that counts.  And WHY you do it!!

          9.     Please note, that death is actually birth.

         Birth was the death!!

         You not only survive in a higher vehicle(body) in The Spirit World.

         But when you eventually re-incarnate, your old baby form, improved, will get RE CREATED from your PERMANENT ATOM, and inserted into a new parent!!(Via gamest becoming zygots.)

         Where it will grow again!!

         Your old corpse will rot of course.

         But your permanent atom and Astral Vehicle(via blue print mould) will RE-CREATTE your IMPROVED last baby form physical body!!

        10.  Alas, Man is worshipping The Devil and Pan instead of God and Peter Pan!!!!

        11.   So is going the very opposite way to what he should be doing!!

        12.  Materialism and Secularism,mostly from universities,etc. and even Science are teaching us the very OPPOSITE to what we NEED to be taught!!

        Students and adolecents BIG cause of our troubles.

        13.  You got it all wrong, and completely around your necks, Mankind!!

        14.   Which is WHY you find everything so difficult, even impossible!!

       15.    You been listening to THE WRONG TEACHINGS!!!!

       16.    Bad aliens via The Illuminati,etc. are responsible for taking advantage of weak natural but primitive humans to send us wrong, to make slaves of us, to mine their gold, and supply them with better genes and even spirituality!!(They need gold to increase light from sun when far out.)

       17.     Terrible rule coming from a bad(last)pope!


      18.      Also Shia Muslim rule - by the look of it.

     19.       Dark skins taking over.

                 Reverse racism has taken over.

     Plus stupid Political Activisms.

     And the idiotic Political Correctness.(Which is destroying us!!)

     20.      Common Sense(so rare!) needs to be RE-ENTHRONED immediately!!

                And God returned to us!!  At least Peter Pan!!

     21.     The United States, now so divided,  via Bernanke is destroying itself economically - and financially.(Greenspan fled from an impossible situation.)

     Actually Bernanke is doing best thing.  He has just printed 600 billion U.S. dollars, on top of trillions more printed earlier.

     AND IS NOW about to print 700 BILLION more!!

     Increasing locked into so doing!!

     In a desperate bid to avert a double dip recession, leading to a worse depression than from 1926 slump. And 30's depression - leading to World War two.

     Read carefully please!!

    Bernanke is doing a Zimbabwe!!

    Also using Electronic money entries.

    AND borrowing.

    RED China was buying U.S. Debts!!(Now saddled with them!!)

     U.S. now unable to repay interest on loans!!

     And deficit rising to 50% of GNP!!

    Bankers to blame for GREED.

    Under The Fed.

    Under The Illuminati.

    Under bad aliens.(Tussle going on between good and bad humanoid aliens.)

     So Bernanke is FORCED to go the ONLY WAY  that he can!! Print and print!!

     Now unless this is balanced by real wealth and productivity(almost impossible), stage two of the great crash WILL occur!!

     U.S. NEEDS to spend!! NOT save!!

     (Australia needs to save, yes.)(Depends on structural set up.)

      Spend mentality is like blood stream.(Saving in U.S. and many other countries will only COAGULATE the flow!!)

      See my Ratings' System to get you through not only safely, but SUCCESSFULLY!!(Go to my website vic@vicsesoterica.com(Http:// MAY be necessary for you at front.)  Look for Ratings or Rat,etc!! Scan.   Go back into Archives if necessary.

      Believe it or not, Bernanke is doing the best thing under the circs and conditions!!

     He is using money as TOKEN of trust and goodwill which would obtain in an ideal society!!

    Which, alas, we do not live in!!

     Any problems contact me on vicon2000@gmail.com(I can get the vitally important articles for you!!)

       Can you see what is happening? And the DANGER!!

      RED China is itself going into trouble now. Kerbing their rise.

      So expect them to STOP buying U.S. debts!!

     Now when that happens, The U.S. - already on the ropes, but denying it!   - Will CRASH to the rocks!!

    Even as it is, U.S. faces Double Dip Recession.(Which will fast become Depression. Which will bring WORLD WAR!!)

    Double Dip IS IMMINENT!!

   Because Zimbabwe law MUST follow!!

   Currently, and for many years, as now, the masses have backed The U.S. Dollar.

     So gold has fallen.(Silver is another story. Industrial need only.  And is rising SIX times faster than gold!)(But gold should recover, and shoot for the moon.(Silver should shoot for the sun.)

         More and more are waking up and investing in GOLD.

         And the very smart, - in SILVER.

        Even talk of return to Gold Standard!!(SO urgently needed.)

       But too unpopular now!

      Gold is too expensive to carry around(little tiny bullion coins).

     And silver is too heavy.

     So when U.S. dollar becomes worthless(as has now started to occur),

    people and nations will turn to The Very Cheap Chinese YUAN!!

     Must have a paper currency to carry around and spend with!

     Chinese Yuan meets bill!

     The future(almost now!) world currency. Not U.S. dollar any longer!!

     Buy gold. Invest in silver.  USE The Chinese YUAN for spending money!!

     Currencies, ETF's, especially REVERSE ETF's, is currently the way to go.

     Dump The U.S. Dollar. It is OUT. And crashing!!

     The FALL has ALREADY occurred.

     People only NOW waking up to the  fact!!

     What we have in The Dow,etc. is a PHONEY SURGE - now collapsing.

     Bernanke MAY get it to resume, and even go through 12,000 again AND BEYOND, BUT  - it must eventually CRASH!!!!

     Though maybe not for long time.

     Or, perhaps at once.  As I SUSPECT!!

    Not just crisis, but climax AND CRUNCH!!!! NOW!!!!

      Denial and talk have created this!!

     But more and more people WAKING UP!!

     And NATIONS!!

          The West is dying. Political East taking over.

         RED China own and controls nearly all The Earth metals.(So essential to Industry.)

        Which if China(as I think) uses threat to blackmail U.S. in to submission!!

        They can starve whole world to death inside 12 months, by simply(AS NOW!!) using Earth Metals their selves!!(Which is what THEY ARE DOING!!)

        So expect Yuan to rule  ANY TIME!!

       U.S. has a TINY FEW Earth metals though. Up north somewhere.

       Similarly with Oil shale sands.

       Two big discoveries of late may help: a.  Spray on power. Will beat solar energy panels,etc.HOLLOW. And much cheaper and easier.

       You simply SPRAY IT  ON WINDOWS - or ANY surface - to get electricity from ANY light source - even at night!!

       ALSO,  the use of rotating magnets to create perpetual motion devices!! To power everything!! And anything.

      22.   I have blown. But I hope you get the drift!!

       23.   Now because of all this, the people are lost, confused, mixed up. ANYTHING can happen.

       And will!!

       At a great cross roads, NOW:-

      Disaster OR Opportunity!!

     24. Choose, yes, YOU.


     Before chaos reigns!!

     I am TELLING you!!

     25.  Australia(and New Zealand, presumably) in good position. Via resources and China.

    Should weather storm well.

    Best, anyway!!

    26.    We all need to unite - to save ourselves!!

   27.     Danger of rebellion.

  28.      Need to reverse course. Immediately!!!!

  29.      Republicans should win in 2,012.(But WHAT??)

 30.       Australia Labour MAY reover.  Gillard doing so well.(Via China and what Howard did!!!!)

31.       But that would be terribly costly.

32.      The world is invading The West via Immigration, Refugees, Asylum Seekers(by boat AND air), ETC.

33.      I have mentioned just A FEW of the horrors and terrors to come.

34.      Keep calm.

           Just buy a box AND CLIMB IN!!

        Vic Conway.







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