Sunday, 6th February,  2,011.


How do you receive my 2,012 news??

        Do you say: "This guy may be right, I will check his calculations - and see!"

       OR, are you saying: "I don't like this. I will disbelieve it. Not bother to check his calculations. Then hide in the belief that it won't happen!!".(Until you die an untimely death! - When it will BE TOO LATE,THEN!!)

       Any reader/s care to tell me which of these two responses is the wiser??

       Or are you all, despite the worsening events all over the world, just ignoring it?!

               Are  you disliking the theory because you dislike the man?  Hardly bright!!

              The mob is stupid said Goebbels.  How true.


             You will NEVER avoid a truck bearing down on you by complacently or smugly PRETENDING it isn't there!!

             I am the only person on Earth who can save you!

             PROVIDED you support me all out morally and financially!!

            Hate the news(though you have no reason to), not the man!!

            Shutting up the news announcer will NOT change his news!!

           What is wrong with this 95% of you?

           Are you mad?? And I don't mean angry. Though you permanently seem to be THAT!!!!

     Sanely, not like idiots!!

     He who answereth a matter before very carefully considering it - is a..........(Please fill in the dots!!)

     Wake up, world!!

    Vic.  VICON.


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