Saturday, 4th December,  2,010.


Proof AND evidence!!  Of Doom!!

            I am here trying to give a much simpler exposition of my Binomial Geometric Sequence Predicter.

       Simple arithmetic.  Basic logic.  Sound premises.  If Kirby be so good, - let him see if he can fault my enunciation!(Let him or anyone contact me on

      You see, if so many are going to go down The North Pole, I do think it wise to KNOW why you are doing so.  All hinges upon my proof(and evidence).

      So why not check it out you guys!!

      Come HOME, now.  This way!!

     AM I before my time?  Or are so many BEHIND theirs?!

    None so blind as they who WILL NOT see!!

    Observe the rectitude!  

    Then THINK about it!!


    NOT the magnetic one!!

   I SPELL it OUT  - the greatest scientific discovery EVER!!:-

   Kirby smarter than me??   PROVE it!!


   Bring it on!!

  But DON'T make ME     king!!

  My guide is ABOVE!!

    I can advance Humanity a MILLION years or more!!(I tuned in to GOD!!)

       Now please read VERY CAREFULLY:-

      1.  Sun goes in four quarter full terms'(26,000 years divided by 4 is 6,500 years!)wobbles, of its FULL Solar Period.)

     (I am making it easy for you!)  Kindly observe the following amazing mathematical GEM:-  And how this incredible jig-saw fitteth together.   Harken ye!

     2.  2,012 is end date(of our current solar quarter cycle).    (Maya,etc.  AND The Great Pyramid's end of time cycle date of 2,012.A.D.)

    3.   Bishop Usher - via totting up all the BEGATS in Genesis(via generations)(Lor, what a task!) arrived at 4488.B.C. as the date of creation.

   4.    4488.B.C. to 2,012.A.D.  is 6,500 years.   Go on! Check it.    Before you dare throw your bricks at THIS!!

   5.    My Binomial Geometric Sequence Predicter spans 6,500 years!   Yep.

  6.     17 steps, if you boys are not stupid, that will SAVE THE WORLD!!    Yuk.

         17 steps of decreasing time periods.

        I now give you the first two steps - and showing how I do it.

       4488.B.C. to 2,012.A.D. is 6,500 years.
       6,500 divided by my decreasing binomial yields: 3,250 years.  And 1,625 years(Get the idea???)

      So go forward along the cycle in steps:  4488 - 3250 is(go on!)   1238.B.C.(History claims Noah's Flood then.(Worst disaster!))(But anyway SOME huge cataclysm!)(Creation mebbee.))

     Now come forward binomially...1238.B.C. less 1625  is 387.A.D.    Santorini blew up!(Another worst disaster. Ye second worst.)

    You gotten the idea? 

   Well just carry on like that.

   1,201, Egypt and Syria earthquake; 1606-7,China; 1809,Indian earthquake,  1911,Yangste River Flood; 1962, China Famine,   1987-8,Major flood in China;  1997, Turkey earthquake;   2,003, Bam earthquake  and so on. Right up to 2,012.A.D!!

    But for best details refer my earlier article!(Posted on to forum!)

   Contact me rather than squirm in doubt!!


   Just punch in the dates on The Internet!(For Worst Natural Disasters!) And SEE for YOURSELVES!!!!     Aye.

  7.     Each step yielding a worst disaster ever.  In decreasing intensity.

 8.      Odds against this by chance are about 25,000,000,000,000,000 to ONE!!

9.       Next cycle starts(beginning immediately) 2012.A.D.(December 21st.  The Northern Winter Solstice.  Aye.)

10.     TWO cycles co-inciding(well, almost) this time.(Only 66 year gap.)(Which is astronomically small.)(Against 6,500 years - is about ONE PER CENT.)(Bring that Kirby wallah on! Your word only, remember!!)

          6,500 years period - sun.(Quarter term.)

          3,600 years(maybe 3,580) period - Nibiru!

    11.   So WHY are  you asking for proof and evidence??!!   Eh?   Huh??

   12.   SIMPLE algorithms!   Check for ye selves!!

    13.   A once in 25,000,000,000,000,000 years event!(that number again)(Only the 40th such one since Earth was created!!(About FIVE AMERICAN BILLION YEARS ago!!))

   14.   Poseidon was in 4488.B.C.  (The first sinking of Poseidon. Wrongly thought to be Atlantis.)(Re Solon, priest in Egypt to Plato in Greece.)

15.      I predict Ayran civilization bites the dust(that is THIS alleged civilization!) ends 2,012.A.D.(STARTS to, then.)

     16.      (So, you critics - marshall well!!)

     Galactic line up is December 21st, 2,012.A.D.

    17.       Aquarius(Zodiacal(Period 26,000 years) sun sign opens up then.

   18.      ALL current cycles end(and begin again) on December 21st,  2,012.A.D!!

  19.       MY generations calculations yields DOOM in 2,012.A.D.

    20.     Jesus said end come when I return.(In TWO thousand year days.)(2 x 1,000 = 2,000.)

    12 + 2,000 is 2,012.A.D!!

    Jesus began his ministry at age 12.

    0 + 12 + 2,000  =  2,012.A.D!!

   Think ye HARD.  BEFORE you throw any more bricks!!

          Now why all the key mathematical figures dovetail so well together??!!   Hmmmm????

         Go on!   Bring it on!!

         THINK before ya' talk.

        And then THINK AGAIN!!!!

       You get down that North Geographical Pole!!

      GO ON!!

    Vic(Vicon).  Yuk.  YUK!!    Man!!!!

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