Thursday, 3rd February,  2,011.



          Do I mean the end of my articles? Or do I mean the end of the world??

    Perhaps both.  But certainly the latter!!

    I am trying to get YOU, the recipient to take an interest(in 2,012). The end of this solar quarter cycle.  And around this date - the end of most, if not all,  life upon this planet.  Maybe the end of the solar system ITSELF!!   Yes.

    However, for the most part(almost entirely), I am ignored.

    Will YOU survive dear reader?

    Are you saved? - From HELL.

    You have heard it all before??

    Are you one of those who laughs? Or are you one of those who weeps??

    Cyclone Yasi has almost gone.

    She was Strike Three by Mother Nature on Queensland and Australia in recent months!!

    First came the floods culminating Christmas 2,012.

    Second came The January Floods. 2,011.  Deep south still getting hit.

    And now Cyclone Yasi. Now bowing out.

    Dumping considerable rain to swell North Australian rivers.

    Yes, Anna Bligh is doing well.

    Wish I could say the same for Julia Gillard and The Governess.(Of Australia)

    Labour is still hanging on to power.  They may - or may not - see the term out.

    Thanks to two Independent M.P's and The Greens.

    While the nation at the state level slides back towards The Coalition.

    Three more months of cyclones and floods to come. Possibly longer.

    Then comes Big good changes.  Which the less evolved oppose.  Because they cannot bear goodness.

    So they destroy their only hope.

    Bernanke continues to conjure money out of thin air. But U.S. cannot pay its way once past the March to May 2,011 period!!  The dollar(U.S.) slides.  The price of printing money you don't have backing for - is hyper inflation(in a world that is not run by love) and/or deflation. Or depression after double dip recession - and WAR.   Finally World War/s.

    Those in poorer nations feel the pinch of rising prices of food and fuel - and rebel. It began in Tunisia.  Now it is in Egypt.

    Europe struggles.  RED China moving to buy them out.  And replace The U.S. Dollar with The Yuan.(Chinese currency).

   While they sweep ahead militarily.

   U.S. increasingly nervous is being forced to attack China. First Cyber.

   But Red China not ready to start taking over world for another five years.(Beware her two terrible pawns:  North Korea and Iran!!!!   And DON'T trust Russia!!   Even Obama cannot stop the rot!!)

   Currently they are doing it peacably. By lower prices.

   U.S. cannot compete.  Not by fair means.

   Mother Nature is poised to destroy the lot(or nearly all) starting up December 21st, 2,012.

   Via Man and Animals.

   Both of which are going increasingly beserk.

   What is the trouble?

   Simple!!  Time goes around the global clock once every 24 hours(a day).

   Moon goes around Earth once every lunar month(28 days).

   Earth goes around sun - once every year.(Bringing a winter.)(In due season.)

   And the sun, A STAR, goes around the spiral arm of its stellar group once EVERY 6,500 years!


   Which brings a SUPER WINTER!!(An Ice Age.)

   Prepare for a number of events, EARTH men!!

   1.  Inversion of The Earth.(Watch for Antarctica sliding into the sea. And the arrival of the core of Phaeton!)(Like a Red Dragon in The Sky! Like a SECOND MOON.)(Already we have A second sun, as a second SOLAR SYTEM merges RIGHT NOW with ours!!)

  2.   The Super Winter. The Next Ice Age.   Which starts because The Gulf Stream gets stopped.

  By heavy cold water melt from North America pouring into The North Atlantic pushing down The Gulf Stream, breaking it, stopping it!!

  3.   The arrival of PHAETON!!

  4.   The arrival of NIBIRU!!

        Soon, all(or nearly all life forms upon this planet) die!! And YOU(Who have not studied this like I have(I have proof AND EVIDENCE!!), laugh.(Too many of you do.))

       I am here, as NOAH of this age, to save you, not destroy you.  I am The Messenger, NOT the  Doom Bringer!!

      My only motive is CONCERN for you!!

     Two deadly dangers are now beginning to engulf us:-

     a.  Masses of ELECTRONS, a blizzard of them, pouring up from the spiral arm!(They flow down it, and the sun is rounding it(2012), in an ELLIPSE!!

     And b:   Red dust from The TAIL of Phaeton's core - WHICH WE ARE IN!!

     Deadly suffocating poisonous red dust!!  Now falling down from the sky!!

     DESIGN, CONSTRUCT, manufacture and mass produce my special helmets to keep out the electron masses by lead lining, and by a Faraday Cage!!



     Kill the two birds with the one stone!!

     It is a and b that are killing the animals.

     And will soon kill humans!!

     Watch the death roll!!(Study the CAUSES of the deaths,now!!)(And the incidence of deaths!!)(Doctors often do not know! And slap down anything!!)

     All these things are INCREASING PARABOLICALLY!!

     WHY are you ignoring me??

     I NEED your support to save ALL life forms upon this planet!!

     Financial and moral!!

    COME ON!!

    HOW can you be so sure that I am wrong?!

    Why not CHECK OUT my proof and confirmation?!

    Contact me on!!(For the love of ALL life upon this planet!!)

    EVERY 6,500 years a CONTINENT gets SUNK. Not just beneath the sea waves, but down into THE MAGMA, the lava beneath the crust!!  WAKE UP!!!!

    Heard of Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon?  Great Civilizations WHICH VANISHED MYSTERIOUSLY!!!!

    They ALL WENT DOWN, at 6,500 year intervals!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!(The term 6,500 years IS IN EVIDENCE EVERYWHERE!!!!)

    Our civilization, Ayrya IS NEXT!!

    North America is for pushing down this time.  But WHOLE WORLD gets hit!!

    Do you NEED IT written in BLOOD??!!

       You scorn me. Even as they scorned poor Noah last time!!

       He built an ark, and only he survived(with his family and friends, plus a few animals).

       Make BOATS now, not cars,etc!!

      I am pointing to my ark: WITHIN THE EARTH!!   Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!

     Before it is too late!!

     At least get up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia!!(To eacape tsunami! And the heat, and the cold.   And because as Earth goes over(maybe only on its side) - Australasia(Australia  and New Zealand) are near the swivel node!!  So the winds will be bearable here!!)

    Do that AND wear my helmets, and you MAY survive.

    I don't care HOW IT LOOKS, I am telling it to you HOW IT IS!!

    Do you dig, Earth fellah/s??

    We are within TWO YEARS of the START of Doom!!

    But only Doom because Man and Animals cannot bear it!!  And are RE-ACTING more and more1!

    Better to know than not!!

   WHY would you gnash your teeth in Hell(after death)??

   Kicking yourselves for doubting my word!!

   But CHECK my figures, and SEE for YOURSELVES!!  NOW!!

    WHY are your ears STOPPED??!!

     I lament.

     But you laugh. Why??

     Two sides to every story. What makes YOURS the right one?? Eh?


     I am a born again Christian. I don't jest.

     I am also an amateur scientist.  I repeatedly CHECK my calculations!!

     IF you think that I am wrong, POINT OUT WHERE!! That I might consider your flaw. But MAKE SURE IT IS A FLAW!!

     Attack my premises and logic - and conclusion. IF you can!!

     Your disbelief and wish are NOT defences!!

     WHAT is the use of taking refuge in disbelief - only to have a boulder hit you on the head within two years or so?!

     Tell me!!

      Go to my URL, get the full picture: tool bar)(http:// and or www. MAY need prefixing!)

     Read my other articles.

     Shouldn't my view be considered??!!

     Electrons will get many. The quick silent killer. Frying brains!!

     Heat and humidity or Cold,etc. will get many too!!

     Or maybe a lavic spring(fountain) will shoot up between your legs.

     I am TRYING to save us ALL from all this!!

     At least HEAR what I have to say!!

     I KNOW(well enough), and am TRYING to save you!!

    As for salvation from Hell, we have to do more good than evil to avoid that!!

    And to prevent bad karma giving us a heavy load in future lives!!

      Repent and accept CHRIST, IF in doubt!!

      I confess CHRIST.  And GOD.(My Redeemers!!)

     I have made many mistakes.

     I have done too much wrong.

     GOD and Jesus are my guides. I RECOMMEND them to you!!

    Bible is a good guide.

   My writings CONTINUE Scripture!!

   Will you not hear me??

   What MORE can I do, but tell you - and WARN you. Of The Wrath to come!!

   Yes!! It is PARTIALLY a Judgement.

    The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord!!

    It is mostly a Scientific Cycle!!

    NOW is the time to ACT.

    NOT when it is TOO LATE!!!!

    Vic.  VICON!!








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