Thursday, 18th November,  2,010.


Terrible warning to ALL.

             I will spell it out as best I can. Our sun, Sol, is de-stabilizing. This is because it is getting very close to the electric flow down the chain of stars which it is upon. It does this every 6,500 years. The upshot is - that The Earth either inverts - or falls upon its side. Wiping out just about everything on Earth.

        Imaginative? Over dramatic?   I fear not.  Some already know about Nibiru(AND its fellows!).  A rogue planet which will destroy nearly everything on Earth, is not due until 2,078.A.D. - According to Zecheriah Sitchin, the expert on this subject(or one of them).(Nibiru(and fellows!) comes around every 3,600 years.)

        2,078.A.D. is 68, perhaps 67,  years off. So we have some time to prepare for that one.

        However!  About eight or nine years ago - I made an incredible discovery.  I chanced upon an amazing geometric binomial LAW - which predicts a natural disaster(of binomially decreasing severity) with an annual pin-point accuracy.  I recently put up an article about this.

       The NEXT predicted disaster is 2,012.A.D!!  And it will be the FIRST in a new series.  Which means that it will be a whopper.  Sufficient to wipe out or almost wipe out all life,etc. upon The Earth. ...Yes, in two years time...

       Which gave me pause.   I don't know about you...(The odds in favour of my law, are about 25,000,000,000,000,000 to ONE!!)(Going to miss out??)

       Now I am the only person on Earth to know about this, AND the way of escape - which is down The North Geographical Pole!(Which is NOT the marked one, but a point about 500 miles farther on!)(You can go down The South Geographical Pole, but conditions are far more severe there. Almost impossible in fact. - Unless you fly in.)

      A growing number know about Nibiru(and fellows), but not due for about 67/68 years!(It is currently creeping through The Solar System, presently passing Jupiter. It should pass Earth about one million miles distant. As it is about as big as Uranus, its gravity and magnetic tides will naturally wreak TERRIBLE havoc upon us.)

      However.  Because of an equally bad 2,012.A.D event, I question whether much life will be around then!

      I urge you to check my law, and SEE for yourselves its fantastic accuracy!

      I appeal to all for your all-out moral and financial support. To enable me to continue to warn the world.( MAY be necessary at front.)

      I urge you all to spead this news to the maximum!!

      Now two years is not very long. In fact, it will be gone in a jiffy.

      There is this easement:  The disaster (Of 2,012.A.D.) only STARTS then. But goes on for some time.(I don't know how long.)

     The MOST APPALLING events will occur on EVERY sector of Man's affairs.(Affecting all other life forms,too. And of course all structures.)

     Every 6,500 years!  The last time this happened we had what was called The Creation.  And 6,500 years before that, Atlantis!(Went down)(A new local creation comes after every wipe out. Every re-created group THINKS that their creation is the only one!)(There is an endless series.)

     The year of the event was 4488.B.C.(Which is the very year Bishop Usher claimed as the date of Creation(the latest one!)!(He calculated that date via counting back through all the begats in Genesis in The Christian Bible.)

     Poseidon first(it went down three times)(over many hundreds of years in lesser disasters)went down then(4488.B.C.).  Now Poseidon, an island(THEN) in The North Atlantic - about where The Canaries are now - was thought to be Atlantis.  Solon told Plato this.(No.  Atlantis went down in 10,988 B.C., 6,500 years earlier.(Atlantis is now Antarctica!)(Upside down. Due Earth inversion.) On the previous Solar De-Stabilization, and Earth inversion.

     (We also have the global destructions caused by Nibiru,etc. - every 3,600 years.)(An unrelated series.)

      I need you all to keep me alive and well - that I might continue warning the world. And guiding those who will to get down The North Geographical Pole!!

      About SEVEN BILLION humans could die if we fail.

     And all the other life forms upon The Earth. Plus all structures.

     I doubt the structures underground and inside of mountain will be adequate.(Being built now in preparation for Nibiru,etc.)

      Why don't The Authorities tell us?  To keep control of us!  And also to avoid panic.

     NASA found Nibiru. Back in 1987/8.   But I am warning you of an equally bad disaster due to start in just two years.

      I say it is better to have some panic NOW, than to have PANDEMONIUM further down the track, a little later!

      Nibiru is visible.  But the de-stabiling sun is far less obvious.  However, note the increasing solar activity, AND the worsening weather(met and seismic, volcanic and all kinds)!!


     The TRUE poles are 500 miles(about) farther on, and are over one thousand mile wide ENTRANCES through a gigantic tubeway - into a VAST tropical paradise, with land and oceans much like our tropics. With many life forms.  The Great WITHIN is a rather smaller version of the surface we know, but all tropical!

     Why marked poles so OUT?   Because I guess lack of land marks and a WILD compass...    So they made inspired guesses...

     THAT is where THEY go(the wise ones) EVERY TIME.

     Down there will be far safer than upon the surface. Both from Nibiru,etc. AND The De-Stabilizing SUN!!  So get down there, asap. Take arms!  Flying in best, but WHERE TO LAND?!  Could go in by ship.   Best, I think.  Especially as you have ocean up north.   Cut through any ice.

      Now, I am warning you. I am TELLING you.

      Take down the best specimens of everything. To continue surface life when it is safe to come back out.


      Earth, along with all heavenly bodies and fields, is double helix. It has an extended SURFACE, contiguous and continuous with the outer!  It sort of doubles back upon itself!!

      It will FEEL flat, but LOOK curved!!

     Earth is not flat, not cube, not sphere.  It is a double helix!!

      Small red sun, Earth's core, within.  Provides tropical heat.

     Don't doubt.  Just GET DOWN THERE!!

     As fast as possible!!!!

     Victor Conway.








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