Monday, 31st January,  2,011.


What is happening?  2,012.  Further points.

       SOMETHING very VERY big is happening.  But both The Authorities AND The General Public  ARE STRANGELY SILENT!!

      There is a BLACK SPOT on the sun. WHICH IS NOT A SUN SPOT!!

      I claim that it is the core of the planet Phaeton.(Silhouetted against the sun!! Not ON the sun!!)  It is not Nibiru!(Nibiru is at the other end of the solar system - and not due to arrive near Earth until 2,078.A.D.)

      Phaeton, which will look like a red dragon in the sky, and a second moon, when it gets close, I estimate should arrive one million miles from Earth in 2,015.(Triggering PHYSICAL Earth Inversion in 2,018.)

     Dire events have been increasing NOTICEABLY for the past 150 years.

     Especially of late!!

     Consider Queensland Floods in Australia for example.

     Australia is currently beset by THREE cyclones!

     And one is a MONSTER.

     A Super Cataclysm is due to START up in 2,012. December 21st. It should last for five to eight years. Then fade away.

     Little, if ANYTHING, will survive it!!

     There is a second sun in the sky, and has been for YEARS.

     Soon, there will be second moon,too.  Phaeton's core, looking, as said, like a red dragon in the sky.

     Some time back India had red rain.  Due I believe to the red dust falling down from the tail of the planet Phaeon, which we are IN.

      Four huge events will occur:   PHYSCIAL Earth inversion. Ice Age, Phaeton's arrival and Nibiru's arrival.(TWO different planets, ex our own solar system.)(Nibiru is currently off Saturn.)

    A second solar system is RIGHT NOW merging with ours!

   Authorities silent and ridiculing to avoid panic, but above all TO KEEP CONTROL OF US!!

   Stopping of The Gulf Stream will cause The Ice Age.(Due to heavy cold water MELT pouring off North America and Greenland into The North Atlantic.  Pushing Gulf Stream DOWN!!)

  Watch out for Antarctica sliding into the sea.(Earth should invert EVEN WITHOUT Phaeton trigger via gravity,etc!)

  These things happen EVERY 6,500 years, when sun, a star, goes around the spiral arm it is upon.

   MANY things are happening right now.

  The reason you happen to be here JUST NOW, is perhaps BECAUSE you chose to be born now IN ORDER TO OBSERVE The Event, the worst calamity to hit Man on Earth EVER.(FUTURE included!!)

   Calling it The End of The World is a good appellation. But actually it is end of current solar cycle(6,500 years long).

   So much is happening, that it is too easy to get caught up in something QUITE DIFFERENT. So be VERY careful!!

     Many unusual events occurring.

    And many angles ON them!!

    It is VERY complex and confusing.

    I urge ALL to prepare for departure soon into Spirit World.

   Going down North Geographical Pole into The Vast Tropical Paradise within is the best thing. Because of 800 mile thick Earth shell over head!!

   Design and make my special helmets - to protect against electron masses, and also against the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust.

   All of these things are increasing PARABOLICALLY!!

    Many wish not to believe and take refuge there. Until death suddenly strikes. Which I do not think is wise!!(My reason for keeping on telling you!!)

    IF I can get enough people to believe and act, then we can either get within Earth, and/or wear my special helmets!(As I expect many to die(humans and animals, meanwhile going increasingly bad and mad) as the electrons penetrate skulls and fry brains.(Reason for dying animals.))

    It(the red dust from Phaeton) comes and goes in waves I think because the red dust is PATCHY in space.(As yet.)

    Some species are more vulnerable than others.

    All this is unbelievable and horrible and terrible, I know. But is VERY true!!

    I can ONLY tell you.

   I have GIVEN YOU proof and confirmation. See my recent articles!!

  The thing can hardly be more certain!!

  There are two ways you can go: You can either check out my calculations(Ask me for them!, and see for yourself the astronomical accuracy! Predicting 2,012 as the START of the end.  OR, you can take refuge in disbelief, do nothing, - and suddenly die - in the not too far distant future!!  Design and MAKE my special helmets!!  COME ON!!   All life upon this planet IS AT STAKE!!!!

   DON'T ignore me, make contact!!


   Vic.  VICON.(

Sunday, 30th January,  2,011.


I take myself to task.

         You may enquire: If we cannot stop it, why tell us?

         A good question.  Yes.

         Unless I tell you, what hope is there of you helping me get as many as possible down The North Geographical Pole?

         And designing and making, mass producing, my special helmets??

         Apart from you then not knowing what is happening, how can you pray properly?

         It IS a horrible burden on the mind.

        But by bearing it - we might at least save our lives!


       Vic.  VICON.

      Sunday, 30th January,  2,011.



      Look at it this way:-

     Every few thousand years a great civilization gets wiped out.  We had Mu, then Lemuria. Next Atlantis.  And then Poseidon!

     Closer inspection brings up 6,500 years.

    So a Super Cataclysm occurs every 6,500 years.

    The last one occurred 4488.B.C.(Going by The Mayan interpretation of Christendom's data.)

    4488.B.C. plus 6,500 years is 2,012.A.D.  Within 2 years!!(Exact date being The Solstice of December 21st, 2,012.)

    Isn't it time to get alarmed??

    Now we can tackle the details!!

   The details are that 6,500 years is the solar quarter cycle term.

   2,012 is the date in stone found in The Great Pyramid. As being the end of time.

   It may be easier to follow if I put it this way.(Added later:  What is causing it? Has to be astronomical, but local.  The Sun,etc.  Solar quarter cycles are 6,500 years long.)

  Then less detailia to argue over!!

    Are we all with it?

   Or don't we want to be??  ??








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