Sunday, 13th February,  2,011.



       It could be. Maybe last article, incarnate, this incarnation.

      The main drive of disaster comes from the sun. Via solar wind,etc.  Which charges up The Earth's core, increasing its gravitic and magnetic pull.  Parabolically increasing drag of the lower crust under the upper crust.

      The friction from this causes extra heat.  And may also have created a growing magnetic field at The Earth's surface.

     The main heat increase is due to the core electronically parabolically increasing temperature of the magma.

    Whilst The Magnetosphere electronically parabolically increases cold in the stratosphere!

      It is The Lurch of The Earth as it rounds the sun 21.12.12 that is the chief cause of the destruction.  Inasmuch as it triggers crustal displacements, first north, and then south.  Also increasing the axial tilt of The Earth - which precipitates The Earth Inversion!!

     Phaeton's core(gravity and magnetism) giving it the final push!!

    The greatest event EVER to occur to Man on Earth - is about to begin.

    Some got born this life especially to see it.  To experience it.  The price of the ticket  is a terrible and horrible death, perhaps.

    It should START this year! 2,011.A.D.(21.12.12 is merely the calendar end of the current Mayan Long Count Cycle - and the start of a new one. 1999 was an APPROXIMATION.)

   THIS is the dreadful Day of The Lord.  This Year!!  Exact time not known(the hour is not known) because the times on Earth are spread over 24 hours.

   The next 5 to 10 years should see the wipe out of all or nearly all life forms upon Earth.

   Humans  Prepare to meet your Maker!!

  Even The Spirit World will get roughed up a bit. Perhaps quite a bit.

 Normally (God is disappointed with Humanity's pogress - and is going to WIPE the LOT!!) these super cataclysms occur every 6,500 years, but THIS ONE will be the biggest in 26 MILLION years!!

Take your seats everybody!

We are in the FRONT ROW!!

            Truly The Greatest Show on Earth, as EVERYTHING goes from bad to worse. Faster and FASTER - until Doom - WITHIN JUST A FEW YEARS!!!!

            We shall have to start again! After a New Ice Age,in a new Stone Age,etc.

           Elders will come and help us.(This Ayryan Civilization was launched by Elders from Orion.  Who became The First Pharoah/s.)(Isis and Osiris.)

          Thank you for hearing me(those who did).

         You will find that I am VERY right!!(As I usually am.  In my pronouncements.   I stand for God, CHRIST, Jesus Christ, Highness and Goodness,etc.  And good SENSE!!)(May GOD have mercy upon all our souls - for we have turned to The Devil, and believe lies!!)

         I do NOT love the worldly ways!!(I hate them.)  Going that way AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE - because the harvest IS HELL!!

        Count ME right OUT of them!!

        Utopia around the corner?(What? With the way WE are going on?! DON'T deceive yourselves!!  Wise up, - FAST!!)

       No!  The very opposite. WIPE OUT.  And then start again - perhaps on another planet.  Around another star!!

      Adieu. God be with us ALL. We shall surely need IT!!(God is Infinity, The Higher Self, Jehova, And The Great Absolute!!!!)

     I vote WITH JESUS!!

     You do GREATLY err world!

    Even in Australasia!!




         Vic.  VICON.


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