Wednesday, 10th November,  2,010.

A further special note:-


              It is important to note re: the Earth's geometric binomial sequence's(note not my prediction) prediction for 2,012.A.D. wipe out(of nearly all surface life), that the actual date of the occurrence is anything up to a year BEFORE 2,012.A.D!!

        And, furthermore, that there is an horrific build up of dire climate and earth changes TO that date!!!!

         So, you can say, in actual fact, that Wipe Out has already begun.

       I would also point out that scientists trying to duplicate The Big Bang in The Hadron Collider(must be insane!) are succeeding in setting off explosions IN or near to The Earth when Earth reach key nodal positions in space!!  Via particles travelling BACKWARDS in time!!

      (We also do not know just what Haarp and Russia are up to.)(But some group/s are trying to reduce Earth's population via (killer) contrails.)


      Also,  in addition to the usual hazards steadily accelerating:-

      There is something else,too,that scientists are doing - that is VERY dangerous for us. I forget what this is now.  Perhaps something stupid like create black holes.

     (Time is actually speeding up. Not just our imagination.(Earth's rotation is also slowing.))

    (By the way, I extend permission to copyright to any genuine supporters - PROVIDED they quote source, that is my name(Vicon, Vic, Vic Conway) and Website " MAY not be necessary)  AND my e mail address "")

    I am anxious for the world to be informed and saved.  So do not let copyright stand in your way(subject to what I have just stated as a requirement).

   Aliens are watching us increasingly closely!

   As we approach this once every 25 MILLION year event in 2,012.A.D.

   Naturally you will be wondering just how likely this wipe out or  near wipe out will be

   VERY likely, especially considering the colossal odds I had to beat to score ALMOST exactly 13 out of 13(that is all of them) WORST natural disasters in history!

    DO check out my calculations.

   Use the Internet to get the worst disasters yourselves.

      It IS terrifying and horrifying IN THE EXTREME. Or it SHOULD BE!!

     Remember! ONLY I know both the disaster details AND the way of escape(Down either GEOGRAPHICAL POLE,  but North is easier.)

     Therefore I am so important to the entire world. Inasmuch as I can GUIDE you through.

     I believe aliens, especially those who twice modified our genes,  are influencing me to do all this.   We are their cattle. So it is in their interests to protect their cattle.

     Gold is so important to them. To create particles to project into space TO INCREASE LIGHT FROM SUN to their world.

      So please go ahead and spread what I am telling you.

     In the hope of "Doing a Noah"(I AM the current Noah.). - and taking key personnel, animals, equipment, seeds,etc. DOWN WITHIN The Earth(That is where they go EACH TIME.)!!

    Also leave a TIME CAPSULE to warn the peoples of 6,500 and 3,600 years hence of what comes!!

    Normally these two cycles, one our Sun de-stabilizing as it circles the stellar chain in FOUR 6,500 year quarter cycles.

     The other - every 3,600(Maybe 3,580 to be exact.) years.

     This time we ALSO have the start of a new Mayan 5,000(or about that) year cycle.

    AND our Dec 21 Northern Solstice line up with the centre of the galaxy.  When Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre are all in a straight line.(ONE 21.12.12.(British notation.)

     In fact, these FOUR TREMENDOUS KEY EVENTS ALL occurring very close together is a once EVER event.

     Known in mystic circles as THE EVENT.  For which SOME were born PURPOSELY at this time to EXPERIENCE!!(Though it involve almost certain awful death!!)

    So many will disbelieve me, I know.

    You ARE being warned RIGHT HERE NOW!!

  Prepare your minds. Not much chance of avoiding it, IF you either don't go down one of the geographical poles!  OR, you are not down on some alien's EVACUATION list!!("One will be taken, - the other left.".)

  My Earth's Geometric Binomial Predictor proves and confirms my contentions to an almost IMPOSSIBLE degree!!

       Up on top of The Great Dividing Range in Australia - is the safest place. Away from worst of spin winds AND high enough to avoid tsunami of up to 3,000 feet!!

       Do NOT be afraid of death(but do NOT commit suicide(it has high penalty)), as THAT does not exist!!

      What men call death is actually birth(birth was our death!).

     What happens is - that we simply shed our lowest vehicle(which, incidentally ALSO rises again!), the lowest of SEVEN,  and conciousness moves up into the brain of the sixth vehicle(the astral)(You will simply wake up in a far more beautiful world, The Spirit World. And continue living there.)(Except that the good go high, but the bad, low.(In the physical we are all mixed together.  In The Spirit World, we are SEPARATED!!(So just watch it, you rogues!))

     How does the physical EVENTUALLY rise again?   Apparently there is an atom in our physical structure called The Permanent Atom.

     I do not know the process, but it seems that AFTER our sojourn in The Spirit World(which  many realms of planes), we feel the urge to gain fresh hard experience, and yearn for a physical body again.

    No problem!   We swoop down in our  Astral Vehicle and deposit our permanent atom in our next chosen mother(or maybe it is father), where IT develops into a gamete, and joins another gamete - to become a zygote.  THEN it REPRODUCES the baby form, BUT IMPROVED, we had when last born!  At "The Quickening" we enter our developing embryo - and away we go AGAIN.(Births and deaths go in endless cycles. No beginning, no end.)(Like the omniverse,itself.)

   And there you are!(The old corpse rots away of course, returning to Nature's store.) BUT our astral vehicle broods over the developing zygote, to provide the design(the astral vehicle being a copy of the physical) of the new physical body!(Via creating a blueprint mould.)

    Any complaints?

    Good! So stop worrying then!!

    As for your loved ones,etc. - You can if you wish meet them all again after you pass into The Spirit World.

    OR, those loved one CAN perhaps materialize(hard, but possible) and appear to you in the physical!(Before you go.)

    You might of course not be so keen on that...

    Don't worry, God is good.

   We can become whatever we desire to be.  Just work towards it.

    Any of you wishing to become a horse or a dog, -  just forget it!

   We come back as HUMANS.

   That's it.

  Help me get my terrible warning out to the world, please,...







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