Sunday, 30th January,  2,011.


Noah speaking!!

              Noah here.(The CURRENT Noah. Maybe not the original one!) Hullo everyone.

        I have told you what I think is coming.  You think I jest?   You HOPE I have made a mistake!

       Most of you don't believe me - because you prefer to believe your wish - rather than my fact!

       People hardly ever reply.  I can only recall one instance out of thousands.

       That is a strange way to greet some-one's news.  Why not check my figures.  Not a murmer.

       We are talking about the survival of ALL life upon this planet!!

      Than includes you , and me.


      The Big Boss is displeased with us - and is going to wipe THE LOT!!

      We(Of Christendom anyway) have been told not to worship false images, idols.

      What does The West worship?(The East may be a bit different...)

     Women's crutches,etc.  Beer.  Etc.(Alcohol)  Smoking.  Drugs.  Dope(Pharmaceutical drugs.).

     "Mates".   Pubs instead of churches.  SPORT.(Australia's OBSESSION!!), Getting out of work AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, cars,etc.  Television,ETC.(Screen entertainment) Gambling.  Computers. Mobiles.  Talking.  Whingeing.  Protesting.  Doing as little work as possible.   Physical exercise.  Physical prowess.  Sex.  Public Holidays.  Food, and drink.  Sleep.  MONEY!!  Deadly sins. Far FAR more than seven!  Entertainment.  Labour government.  Trade Unions.  Religieusity.  Getting married. Having children. Doting on babies.  Slang.  Bad language.  Bad habits.    Hate anyone not of your persuasion.  Vandalism.  Skiffle. Noise,etc.  Especially nerve noise.  Anti-neighbours.  Anti good people.  Having a dog or dogs.  Littering.  Fighting.  Quarrelling.  Wasting.  Fellow well met.  Rowdiness.   Spitting.  Vomiting.  Urinating.  Nudity.   Run down anything not of your persuasion.  Rubbish everything and everyone.  And so on, AND SO ON...(To name A FEW!!...)  Rude expulsions. Belching,etc.

     Any of this your way??

     Count me OUT!!

     I like,love and ADORE  THE THINGS OF GOD. Which are the very opposite to the few I have listed!

     I am of course HATED.  Though I hardly ever mention the decent godly things(not wishing for an early death!).

     Worked against.

     Why? Because this world worships The Devil!  Hates all the things of God.

     Most good and decent people have to CRINGE in silence - to have any hope of peace,etc!!

     For fear of offending devil worshippers.  Negative people.  You know the kind??

     I am A SQUARE. And PROUD  of it!!

     I love GOD.  Not human CRAP!!


     But The Boss has had enough. And this is IT!!   Yes.  WIPE-OUT!!

     I have made many mistakes, The Lord knows.  But the world I see today - is increasingly UTTERLY DEPRAVED!!


    I say what I say in the hope of saving some of you - spiritually AND materially!!


    And GET DOWN that North Geographical Pole!!

    At least design and manufacture my special helmets. To keep out the masses of electrons, and the red dust!!

     I am The Messenger.(What I am saying is The Message!!)  I am warning you of impending doom,etc. In the hope that you will save yourselves!!

     I am not BRINGING IT, just WARNING you OF it!!   There IS a difference!!  Wakee, WAKEE!!

     You don't communicate. You don't DIALOGUE.

     Why don't you SPEAK??

      What are you all afraid of??

      Mateship? In WHAT??   My above listed idols,etc??  YES!!!!

      That is not mateship.  That is collusion in self SOUL destruction!!

       Why is everyone so ashamed of God, and Godly things??

       We have to pretend to be evil TO SURVIVE!!

       Pretend to be one of the mates!!

      It is IDIOCY!!  NOT with-it-ness!!

     The WAY to HELL!!  YES!!!!

     We are going to need BOATS. Not necessarily arks.

     Boats, now. Not cars!!

     We have a police force that is seldom in evidence except in a helicopter above. Or the odd rare police car.

      No military.

     We are so afraid to offend other nationals and religions!!

     In my country the LAW is keep left.  Yet so many keep right and treat ME as an offender!!

    I had one Chink MAKE me avoid him!   Obliged me TO GO AROUND HIM!!  Go back to your own country you types!!

    Watch out! RED CHINA is coming!!

    To replace Bible with Mao's Red Book!!

    Crime is now a career!!

    Bring back SANITY - before it is too late!!

    Islam is out to dominate the world!!

    Mother Nature is about to show us who is boss!!

    We gave Father GOD the boot ages back!!

    What FOOLS we are.

    Is anyone SURPRISED we about to be DESTROYED??!!

    End of the world is the best label for it.  Though it is only the end of an AGE!!



     Vic.  VICON!!


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