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Tabulation of worst disasters

See J40 for detailed list.(Any problems, e mail me:

     6,500/x = y        Year        Event(x is number to be divided by.  y is the halved figure.).
     (Solar term in years, divided per progressive halving principle.)(My binomial geometric sequence.)(Or you can divide initial 6,500 years by 2,4,8,16(and so on)...progressively.)

    Just subtract the resulting number(y). From the year.

     6500/1 = 6500     4488.B.C.    The Initial Creation disaster(Poseidon blew up first time.)(Event presumed to have occurred then.)(Historians in short supply for event one!)

     6500/2 = 3250    1238.B.C.(4488.B.C.-3250.)  Simple. Yuk,yuk.      Noah's Flood.(When Poseidon blew up second time.)(Causing that flood.)(Event occurred 1238.B.C.  Spot on.)

     3250/2 = 1625(1238.B.C.- 1625!)(No year dot.)       387.A.D.      Santorini(Poseidon blew up third time).(Event occurred 387.A.D.  Spot on.) 

      1625/2  = 812    1199.A.D.    Egypt and Syria earthquake.(HISTORIANS say event occurred 1201.A.D.(Hey! But who are you going to believe? Man or SUN??!!)     TWO YEARS out!!

    812/2  = 406     1605.A.D.     Second big Canada earthquake.(Event occurred 1605.A.D.  Spot on.)

    406/2    = 203      1808.A.D.    Cordova, Spain disaster(Event occurred 1808.A.D.  Spot on.)

                                And Indonesian earthquake.(Event occurred 1808.A.D. Spot on.)

                                    (Two disasters.)(I SAY "event occurred", but is actually HISTORIANS' date.  I suggest all difference due to historians NOT SUN!!  )

    203/2  =102     1910.A.D.    Yangste River Flood.(ACCORDING TO HISTORIANS(!!)event occurred in 1911.A.D.)(One year out FROM THEM.)

    102/2   = 51        1961.A.D.      China Famine(Historians' date same.  Spot on.)

      51/2  = 25       1986.A.D.     Major flood in China.     (1986.  Spot on.)

      25/2  = 13        1999.A.D.    Turkey earthquake.         (1999.   Spot on.)

     13/2  =   6        2005.A.D.      Hurricane Rita.               (2005.      Spot on.)

       6/3  =  3        2008.A.D.      Burma:  Nargis Cyclone.  (2008.   Spot on.)

                                  Also China Sichan earthquake.(2008.   Spot on.)

                                                     Another double!!

     3/2    =  2      2010.A.D.      Hands up those who say Haiti earthquake. 

                                                     But year not over yet!

                              The thirteen worst disasters SO FAR.(Natural disasters.)

                              Plus two DOUBLES!!

                             Odds against this by chance are ASTRONOMICAL!!

                            DO check on The Internet to confirm the HISTORIANS' dates for these events!(To confirm dates in red given by me. Dates in black are my predictions.  Historians dates in red.)

                            For fuller details please see my J40 article!!

     You have asked for proof, and evidence.

       The dates provided by my binomial geometric sequence predicter I CLAIM are the proof!

       And the dates in red are the corresponding dates given by the historians.  But hey - who are you going to believe? SUN or historians' claims??!!

      The SUN is binomially affecting the Earth!  Hence the resulting disasters BINOMIALLY!!

     The upshot of this is: That THE VERY NEXT DISASTER - is the FIRST ONE of the next cycle(of 6,500 years). (Series follow on immediately.  So 2,012 last year of old cycle AND FIRST YEAR OF NEW.)

     Which is 2,012.A.D!!

     That event is the BIGGEST DISASTER OF THEM ALL!!!!

    Just two years away now!

    Now a little honesty and fair play please!

  Who is giving the best results? Me?  Or my critics!!   Who seem to be playing the same old record of deniall OVER AND OVER again!!

    ANYTHING they don't like - THEY DENY!!    Ad nauseum!!(A cracked record fellahs.   A CRACKED record!!)

   You be judge now!!

      Fair deal and fair go PLEASE!!!!(My critics aren't exactly giving it!!)

            I typed the historians claims in red.  I will TRY to post up in red,too.

          The letter numbers given alongside articles names are REFERENCE NUMBERS! VERY NECESSARY to link up!!(And REFER back to!)

          In my next article I shall endeavour to provide the list of events we can look forward to as the sun plays up more AND MORE!!!!(THAT is what is causing the bad weather,ETC!!)

         The first event to expect is for the ICE SHEET upon Antarctica to SLIDE INTO THE SEA!!

        As the base ice melts, it provides a lubricant for the ice to slide down on!  Pushed by ferocious winds.   And aided by gravity because downhill all the way!!(Only outcrops of rocks preventing it THUS FAR!!)(Snagging it.)

        WATCH FOR IT. Because IT will COMMENCE the chain of events which turn Earth upside down, and wipe all Earth life out!(Or nearly all.)

       Yeah, yeah.

          Victor Conway(VICON!!)
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